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Morten Strange

Morten Strange (born 18 September 1952) is a Danish-born, Singapore-based independent financial analyst. He is a former bird photographer, author and publisher. Strange was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and studied economics at Aarhus University 1971-73; he served in the Danish army as a sergeant in the field artillery. From 1974, Strange worked in the offshore oil industry in the North Sea and later in South-east Asia and China as a field services engineer; he retired from the oil business in 1986 as a field services supervisor. Since then, Strange has worked for the Danish Ornithological Society (as international officer 1994-1996), for Nature's Niche Pte Ltd (as marketing manager 1999-2008) and for Draco Publishing and Distribution Pte Ltd (as managing director 2008-2013). Strange was based in Singapore from 1980 to 1993 and again from 1999 onwards, and is now a Singapore permanent resident; he is the father of four sons from two marriages.

Before and after his oil field career, Strange was an active bird photographer, writer, and editor. He has authored many books, especially about rainforest birds in the South-east Asian region. He was editor-in-chief of Nature Watch, the official magazine of Nature Society (Singapore) from 2009-2012, and he is currently Honorary Secretary for that society. In 2014 he qualified from the Institute of Banking and Finance as a financial fund manager and adviser. He currently works as an independent financial analyst and is the author of Be Financially Free: How to become salary independent in today’s economy (Marshall Cavendish, 2016) as well as The Ethical Investor’s Handbook: How to grow your money without wrecking the Earth (Marshall Cavendish, 2018).[1][2]



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