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This condition is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner
Classification and external resources
ICD-9-CM 748.3
OMIM 275300
DiseasesDB 31501
MeSH D014137
Orphanet 3347

Tracheobronchomegaly is a very rare congenital disorder of the lung primarily characterized by an abnormal widening of the upper airways.[1] The abnormally widened trachea and mainstem bronchi are associated with recurrent lower respiratory tract infection and copious purulent sputum production, eventually leading to bronchiectasis and other respiratory complications.[2]



Woodring et al. (1991) suggested the following diagnostic criteria for tracheomegaly in adults based on chest radiography:[3]

  • Adult Males: Tracheal transverse diameter > 25 mm and sagittal diameter > 27 mm.
  • Adult Females: Tracheal transverse diameter > 21 mm and sagittal diameter > 23 mm.



The term "Mounier-Kuhn syndrome" derives from the characterization of the condition by Mounier-Kuhn in 1932, while the name "tracheobronchomegaly" was introduced by Katz et al. in 1962.[4][5][6]


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