Mount Français

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Mount Français
Mount Francais.jpg
Mount Français
Highest point
Elevation 2,760 m (9,060 ft) [1]
Prominence 2,760 m (9,060 ft) [1]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 64°38′S 63°27′W / 64.633°S 63.450°W / -64.633; -63.450Coordinates: 64°38′S 63°27′W / 64.633°S 63.450°W / -64.633; -63.450[1]
Mount Français is located in Antarctica
Mount Français
Mount Français
Location in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica
Location Anvers Island, Antarctica
Parent range Trojan Range

Mount Français is a mountain which forms the summit of Anvers Island, Antarctica standing southeast of the center of the island and 6 miles north of Borgen Bay. Mount Français has an elevation of 2,760 metres (9,055 ft) and is part of the Trojan mountain range.


Mount Français was first seen by the members of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, who explored the southeast coast of the island in 1898. It was later sighted by the French Antarctic Expedition team members, 1903–05, under Charcot, who named it for the expedition ship Français.

Mount Français was first summited on 7 December 1955 by Jim Rennie, Arthur Shewry, and Bill Hindson, members of the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey who had spent the 1955 winter at Base E, newly constructed north of Arthur Harbor on Anvers Island.[2]

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