Mount Grinnell

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Mount Grinnell
Mount Grinnell.jpg
Mount Grinnell
Highest point
Elevation8,855 ft (2,699 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Coordinates48°46′36″N 113°43′37″W / 48.7766438°N 113.7270596°W / 48.7766438; -113.7270596Coordinates: 48°46′36″N 113°43′37″W / 48.7766438°N 113.7270596°W / 48.7766438; -113.7270596[2]
Parent rangeLewis Range
Topo mapUSGS Many Glacier
Easiest routeScramble

Mount Grinnell is a peak located in the heart of Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana in the Many Glacier region of the park. Lying just east of the Continental Divide, the peak is flanked to the northwest by Swiftcurrent Glacier and to the south by Grinnell Glacier.[3] Mount Grinnell is named after George Bird Grinnell.[4] From the Many Glacier Hotel on Swiftcurrent Lake, the eastern arm of Mount Grinnell, known as Grinnell Point, hides the main summit.

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