Mount Lawn Speedway

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Mount Lawn Speedway
"The Lawn"
Location Greensboro, Indiana
Coordinates 39°54′35″N 85°27′39″W / 39.909707°N 85.460911°W / 39.909707; -85.460911Coordinates: 39°54′35″N 85°27′39″W / 39.909707°N 85.460911°W / 39.909707; -85.460911
Operator Rick Sweigart
Opened 1934
Major events The May 5-0's, The Raintree 100, The Founders Day 100, Stock Car Extravaganza
Surface Asphalt
Length .3 mi
Banking None

Mount Lawn Speedway, also known as The Lawn, is a 3/10 mile Asphalt, egg-shaped oval track located in Greensboro, Henry County, Indiana.


Mt. Lawn Speedway was founded in 1935 by Dr. George W. Sweigart, a dentist and a former mayor for the town of Hartford City, Indiana. At the time of the tracks opening it was a one-fifth mile pear-shaped dirt oval. Also constructed during the early years of the track were a dance hall, a swimming pool, as well as summer cabins for vacationers. The dance hall played host to two the most influential big band musicians of the era, The Dorsey Brothers and Sammy Kaye. However, in 1939 a fire caused by an overheated exhaust fan in the orchestra pit led to the dance hall's first demise. When the hall was rebuilt, a second fire caused by a coal-powered fireplace led to the dancehall's second, and ultimately final demise.

In 1940 Sweigart closed the track down and it appeared that racing in Henry County was over. However, later that year a local promoter named Dutch Hurst visited the area looking for a lighting system for a track that he was constructing known as the Muncie Vellodrome located in Muncie, Indiana. When he noticed the layout of the land he mentioned to Sweigart " Why don't you start a track here"? When Sweigart replied that the land had indeed been a race track before, Hurst convinced Sweigart to reopen the track. In 1941 he hired a local farmer to retill the land as Sweigart and local residents rebuilt the track. However, later that summer the dirt surface of the track had worn down and it was decided that a new surface would be needed. So Sweigart hired a crew from the area and the first concrete surface was laid on the track. This paving would be followed by three repavings in asphalt in 1947, 1967, and finally in 1971.

The Big Four[edit]

There are four big events that are currently run at The Mt. Lawn Speedway. The May 5-0, which is held the day before the Indianapolis 500, The Raintree 100 which is a 100-lap Late Model stock car event, The Founders Day 100, a 100-lap Thunder Car Division race, and finally the Stock Car Extravaganza, which is a 2-day event. The Extravaganza lineup can change from year to year.

Raintree 100 winners[edit]

The Raintree 100 is Mt. Lawn's biggest and most recognized event of the year. It is run in July of every year. The Raintree features Mt. Lawn's premier class, currently the Late Model division.

Year Driver Hometown
1971 Gene Prosser New Castle
1972 Dennis Miles Muncie
1973 L.J. Lines Greensboro
1974 Harold Scott New Castle
1975 Harold Scott New Castle
1976 L.J. Lines Indianapolis
1977 Rocky Tharp Cowan
1978 Bob Fields Willow Branch
1979 Harold Scott New Castle
1980 Jim Spears Noblesville
1981 Harold Scott New Castle
1982 L.J. Lines Indianapolis
1983 Harold Scott New Castle
1984 Bob Fields Willow Branch
1985 Bob Fields Willow Branch
1986 Herb Rose Anderson
1987 Rick Rhonemus Desoto
1988 Dave Duncan Cicero
1989 Dave Duncan Cicero
1990 Rick Rhonemus Desoto
1991 Don Skaggs Modoc
1992 Rick Rhonemus Desoto
1993 Rick Rhonemus Desoto
1994 L.J. Lines Indianapolis
1995 Rodney Scott New Castle
1996 Joe Beaver Noblesville
1997 Jeff Lane Knightstown
1998 Gerald Hinshaw Mooreland
1999 Rodney Scott New Castle
2000 William Mefford Knightstown
2001 Andy Cowan Cambridge City
2002 Gerald Hinshaw Mooreland
2003 Scott Neal Mt Summit
2004 William Mefford Knightstown
2005 Scott Hinshaw Indianapolis
2006 Scott Hinshaw Indianapolis
2007 William Mefford Knightstown
2008 Terry Cater New Castle
2009 Kevin Claborn Cambridge City
2010– 2011 Jeff Marcum Morristown 2013 Jack Dossey III Indianapolis


Currently there are 3 Weekly Divisions at Mt. Lawn Speedway.

The Late Model Division is the Premier weekly division. The frame for this division is a General Motors 1978 to 1987; "G" body, 108.1", metric frame. However, cars may be powered by any engine brand. The cars must run complete late model bodies, including roof, that resemble a stock make and model.[1] The "current" Late Model Division made its debut on May 13, 2000. Six cars were at the track on opening night.[2] Today the division typically has twenty or more cars on hand each week.

The Thundercar Division is the Intermediate weekly division at Mt. Lawn Speedway. Thundercars are mostly stock, with a few after-market racing components allowed. Any rear-wheel-drive full-sized car with a wheelbase of not less than 108 inches is eligible to compete in the Thundercar Division.[3]

The Hornet Division is the Beginner weekly division. Hornets are a strictly stock class. Four or six-cylinder cars are eligible to compete. Four-cylinder cars may be front- or rear-wheel drive. Six-cylinder cars can be front-wheel drive only. The wheelbase, no matter the drive train, must be between 92" and 108".[4]

Past champions[edit]

Late models[5]
Year Driver Hometown
2002 Scott Neal Middletown
2003 Dean Baker
2006 L.J. Lines Greensboro
2007 William Mefford Knightstown
2008 Eric Evans Greenfield
2009 Eric Evans Greenfield
Year Driver Hometown
2002 David Graham Rushville
2003 Chuck Cook
2004 Jeff Marcum Morristown
2007 Eric Evans Greenfield
2008 Kevin Claborn Cambridge City
2009 Ryan Amonett New Castle