Mount Nōgōhaku

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Mount Nōgōhaku
Mt Nougouhakusan.JPG
Mount Nōgōhaku
Highest point
Elevation 1,617.33 m (5,306.2 ft) [1]
Coordinates 35°45′44″N 136°30′51″E / 35.76222°N 136.51417°E / 35.76222; 136.51417Coordinates: 35°45′44″N 136°30′51″E / 35.76222°N 136.51417°E / 35.76222; 136.51417[2]
Mount Nōgōhaku is located in Japan
Mount Nōgōhaku
Mount Nōgōhaku
Location in Japan
Location Gifu Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture
Parent range Ryōhaku Mountains
Topo map Geographical Survey Institute, 25000:1 能郷白山, 50000:1 岐阜
First ascent Taichō in 718

Mount Nōgōhaku (能郷白山 Nōgōhaku-san?) is located on the borders of Gifu and Fukui prefectures in Japan. It is part of the Ryōhaku Mountains and serves as the drainage divide between the Pacific Ocean and the Japan Sea. There is one triangulation station at the top of the mountain.

Fragaria iinumae was discovered at first in this Mountain and the name Nōgō Fragaria (ノウゴウイチゴ・能郷苺 Nōgō Ichigo?) was given.[3][4]


  • 718: Mountain first climbed by Taichō.
  • 1897: Shinto shrine of Mount Nōgōhaku Shrine (能郷白山神社 Nōgōhaku-san Jinja?) was reconstructed.
  • 1965: A large landslide was created by a major flood in the fall.


Fruit of Fragaria iinumae 
Mount Nōgōhaku from Mount Mae
Mount Haku means white mountain. 
Tokuyama Dam and Mount Nōgōhaku 

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