Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

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Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
Voa Guinea chimpanzee picking 30jan08.jpg
Arunn picking fruit
Nearest city Yekepa, Bossou and N'Zoo
Type Natural
Criteria ix, x
Designated 1981 (5th session)
Reference no. 155
State Party Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire and Liberia
Region Africa

Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve is a protected area and UNESCO World Heritage Site in both Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire. A further extension of the reserve to include areas in Liberia has also been proposed. The park includes significant portions of Mount Nimba, a geographically unique area with more than 200 endemic species. These species include multiple types of duikers, big cats, civets, chimpanzees, and several types of viviparous toads.


The strict nature reserve was established in 1943 by Order No. 4190 SE/F in Côte d'Ivoire and in 1944 by decree in Guinea. The Guinean part was accepted as a biosphere reserve in 1980. Both reserves combined form one World Heritage site since 1981 (Guinea) and 1982 (Côte d'Ivoire).[1]

Mount Nimba serves as refugium for numerous Western African species. Mountains contain species rich tropical forest at the height of 600 – 1000 m and montane grassland at the heights exceeding 1000 m. Here have been found more than 2000 species of vascular plants.

The nearest major settlements are the town Yekepa to the west in Liberia, Bossou and N'Zoo in Guinea.

There is a local conservation and management center planned by Guinean Park Foundation.


One of the four honey buzzards of Kempen-Broek that are equipped with GPS trackers passed this national park on 13 November 2013.[2]


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Coordinates: 7°36′11″N 8°23′28″W / 7.603°N 8.391°W / 7.603; -8.391