Mount Ogura

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Mount Ogura
Mount Ogura
A view from Mt. Kitaokusenjo
Highest point
Elevation 2,112 m (6,929 ft)
Coordinates 36°2′2.7″N 138°36′24.5″E / 36.034083°N 138.606806°E / 36.034083; 138.606806Coordinates: 36°2′2.7″N 138°36′24.5″E / 36.034083°N 138.606806°E / 36.034083; 138.606806
Translation mountain on which a god stays (Japanese)
Mount Ogura
Location in Japan
Location Nagano, Japan
Parent range Chichibu Mountains

Mount Ogura (御座山, Ogura-san) is a mountain located between Kitaaiki and Minamiaiki Villages, Minamisaku District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. With its summit being 2,112 meters above sea level, it is the tallest mountain in Minamiaiki, Nagano.

Mount Ogura at Its Summit
Mount Ogura as Seen from Kitaaiki Village, Nagano Prefecture.

It is known for the Japanese rhododendron flowers (shakunage in Japanese) that come into full bloom in early to mid-June.

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