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Mount Polley, originally Polley Mountain,[1] elevation 1255 m (4117 feet), prominence 271 m,[2] is a low mountain in the Cariboo region of the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada. It is located just west of the foot of Quesnel Lake between Bootjack and Polley Lakes.[1] It has become notable because of the 2014 Mount Polley mine disaster, an environmental disaster caused by a spill from a collapsed tailings pond dam that is part of the Mount Polley Mine, owned by Imperial Metals.

Name origin[edit]

The name refers to a prospector who held placer leases in the area, a W. Polley. It is presumed that he is a "Mr. Polley" identified in the 1887 edition of the BC Mines Report, who prospected in the Kangaroo Creek-Quesnel Forks area.[1][3]


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Coordinates: 52°33′24″N 121°38′09″W / 52.55667°N 121.63583°W / 52.55667; -121.63583 ("Mount Polley")