Mount Sannomine

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Mount Sannomine
Sannomine from Cyoushigamine 2010-5-3.JPG
Mount Sannomine
Highest point
Elevation 2,128 m (6,982 ft)
Coordinates 36°05′21″N 136°45′15″E / 36.08917°N 136.75417°E / 36.08917; 136.75417Coordinates: 36°05′21″N 136°45′15″E / 36.08917°N 136.75417°E / 36.08917; 136.75417
Location Gujō, Gifu Prefecture
Hakusan, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Parent range Ryōhaku Mountains

Mt. Sannomine (三ノ峰?, San-no-mine) is located on the border of Gujō, Gifu Prefecture, and Hakusan, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, and rises to a height of 2,128 m (6,982 ft).


Mount Haku has been climbed for religious purposes for centuries. One popular hiking route from the Gifu Prefecture side of the mountains to Mount Haku's peak runs through Mount Bessan.


The surrounding area is part of Japan's snow country, so it is covered by snow for more than half of the year and various alpine plants can be seen.

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