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Daisen kofun, 2.8 km in circumference — the largest kofun in Japan, is thought to be the Tomb of Nintoku

Mozu kofungun (百舌鳥古墳群?) is a group of forty-seven kofun or tumuli in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Twenty-one of the burial mounds are key-hole shaped, twenty round, five rectangular, and one is of indeterminate shape.[1][2] In 2010 the Mozu kofungun cluster of tumuli, along with those of Furuichi kofungun, was proposed for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.[3]

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Coordinates: 34°33′50″N 135°29′15″E / 34.56389°N 135.48750°E / 34.56389; 135.48750