Mr. Mick

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Mr. Mick
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 1976
StudioRamport Studios
Angel Air (2-disc CD reissue with "The Original Mr. Mick")
ProducerAndy Cresswell-Davis
Stackridge studio album chronology
Mr. Mick
Something for the Weekend
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3.5/5 stars[1]

Mr. Mick is the fifth studio album released by the British rock group Stackridge in 1976. Originally on The Rocket Record Company, its catalogue number was ROLL 3.


The album was produced by Andy Cresswell-Davis (known simply as Andy Davis on this recording) and engineered by Denny Bridges. It was recorded at Ramport Studios in South London and mixed at AIR Studios. Pete Gage produced the basic track on "The Dump" and "Steam Radio Song". Some of the keyboards for the album were played by Dave Lawson of the band Greenslade.

The version of Mr. Mick that was released in 1976 had many changes ordered by the group's label, The Rocket Record Company. Although supported with airplay from BBC Radio 1's John Peel amongst others, it was their first album to go unreleased in the U.S.

The many difficulties the group experienced during this time contributed to their break-up not long after the release of Mr. Mick.

In 2000, DAP Records finally released the album in the form the group originally intended: it was entitled The Original Mr. Mick. In 2006 Angel Air released a 2-disc set containing both albums in their entirety.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hold Me Tight" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) – 3:33
  2. "Breakfast with Werner von Braun" (Andy Davis) – 4:05
  3. "Steam Radio Song" (Davis, Steve Augarde) – 3:34
  4. "The Dump" (Davis) – 1:47
  5. "Save a Red Face" (Mutter Slater, Augarde) – 3:24
  6. "The Slater's Waltz" (Slater, Augarde) – 4:33
  7. "Coniston Water" (Slater) – 5:22
  8. "Hey Good Looking" (Davis, Crun Walter) – 4:16
  9. "Fish in a Glass" (Davis, Walter) – 7:18

Track listing: "The Original Mr. Mick"[edit]

The Original Mr. Mick
Stackridge - The Original Mr Mick.jpg
Studio album by
LabelDAP Records
Angel Air (2-disc CD reissue)
Stackridge studio album chronology
Something for the Weekend
The Original Mr. Mick
A Victory for Common Sense
  1. "Hey! Good Looking" (Davis, Walter) – 4:30
  2. "Breakfast With Werner Von Braun" (Davis) – 3:45
  3. "Mr Mick's Walk" (Davis, Augarde) – 3:55
  4. "Mr Mick's Dream" (Davis, Augarde) – 2:10
  5. "Save A Red Face" (Slater, Augarde) – 3:25
  6. "The Steam Radio Song" (Davis, Augarde) – 3:20
  7. "The Slater's Waltz" (Slater, Augarde) – 4:10
  8. "Hazy Dazy Holiday" (Slater) – 2:05
  9. "Coniston Water" (Slater) – 4:50
  10. "Can Inspiration Save The Nation?" (Davis, Walter) – 2:15
  11. "Mr Mick's New Home"(Slater, Davis, Augarde) – 3:30
  12. "Fish In A Glass" (Davis, Walter) – 7:50


Additional personnel
  • Ray Russell - guitar
  • Joanna Karlin - vocal on "The Slater's Waltz"


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