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Mu Sigma Inc.
Indian Privately Owned
Industry Advanced Analytics and decision sciences
Founded (2004)[1]
Founder Dhiraj Rajaram
Headquarters Bengaluru,
Karnataka, India
Services Marketing Analytics
Supply Chain Analytics
Risk Analytics
Number of employees
3,500+ (2014)[2]

Mu Sigma is an Indian management consulting firm that primarily offers analytics services. The firm's name is derived from the statistical terms "Mu (μ)" and "Sigma (σ)" which symbolize the mean and the standard deviation respectively of a probability distribution.

The company is ISO 27001 certified.[3]

Mu Sigma is headquartered in Bengaluru with its main delivery centre. As of 2011, Mu Sigma's clients included more than 125 Fortune 500 companies.[4]


Mu Sigma was founded by Dhiraj Rajaram, a former strategy consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton and PricewaterhouseCoopers, in 2004.[1] In 2008, Mu Sigma raised its first institutional investment round of $30 million from FTVentures (now FTV Capital).[5] In April 2011, the company raised an additional $25 million from Sequoia Capital.[6] In December 2011, the company announced a $108 million round of financing from Sequoia and growth equity investor General Atlantic.[4] In February 2013, Mu Sigma received an investment of $45 million from MasterCard, which placed the company over the $1 billion (Rs. 5,400 crore[a]) milestone.[7]


Mu Sigma was ranked #907 on the 2012 Inc. 5000 list of America's fastest-growing private companies. In 2011 the company ranked #386, and in 2010, it ranked #204.[8] Rajaram, the company's founder and chairman, was ranked 37 on the Fortune Magazine 40 under 40 list in 2013.[9] Rajaram won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year India Award 2012 in the services category.[10]


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