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Mueller, She Wrote
Mueller, She Wrote logo.png
Starring"A. G.", Jaleesa Johnson, Jordan Coburn
GenrePolitics, comedy
FormatRoundtable discussion
45 - 90 minute episodes[1]
Opening theme"From Russia, With Love" (instrumental) with audio excerpts from Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions and the movie Clue
Composed byMatt Munro
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes97 free
224 exclusive episodes for Patreon subscribers
Original release2017 – present

Mueller, She Wrote is a podcast with an all-female cast led by the pseudonymous A. G., a military veteran in a senior role in an executive branch agency. It mixes comedy, legal commentary and political analysis, from a liberal perspective, and centers on the Mueller investigation. The co-hosts are San Diego comedians Jaleesa Johnson and Jordan Coburn.[2]

While the podcast is comedic in tone, it has been praised for capturing the minute detail of the Mueller investigation,[1][3] and for a record of accurate predictions,[4] and The Guardian has described it as "an indispensable source of curatorial journalism for many Trump-Russia watchers".[5]


Intro sequence[edit]

The show commences with the theme song, an instrumental version of the James Bond film credits theme "From Russia, With Love", with audio excerpts of Donald Trump, Paul Manafort and Jeff Sessions dubbed over, and concluded with an excerpt from the film Clue: "It is political, you're a communist!" followed by "No, Mr. Green. Communism is just a red herring. Like all members of the oldest profession, I'm a capitalist."[6]

Following this intro sequence, the hosts introduce themselves.[6]

Just the Facts[edit]

A.G. will read a recap of the general news related to the Special Counsel inquiry, the Trump-Russia relations, and other generally connected news stories, followed by a few minutes of general discussion of the news, and speculation as to the legal ramifications in which these may result.[2][6]

Historical investigation[edit]

Most weeks, Jaleesa and Jordan do research and present for discussion their findings, often relating to history on Donald Trump, his businesses, family, presidential candidacy in 2016, and his presidency itself, Russia and its leadership and oligarchy, to the U.S. department of justice, and the relevant parties contributing to the situation, and any other interesting and informative information.[6]

Fantasy Indictment League[edit]

The show commenced in November 2017 following the first indictments handed down by the Grand Jury from the Mueller Investigation, upon the speculation that there would be more indictments come to pass in the course of the investigation. This led to the trio making fantasy sports styled "picks" of people they believed were likely to be indicted before the subsequent episode. This later was opened up to the podcast's community to speculate on through social media. In 2019, they decided to alter the rules for themselves to avoid doubling-up, so any "pick" can be chosen by only one player (though this was limited only to the hosts, not to the community).[2]

Notable indictees include Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Roger Stone and Michael Cohen, all of whom were popular "picks" by both the hosts and their listeners and social media community.[4]


The three hosts of the show since its inception are A.G., Jaleesa Johnson and Jordan Coburn. The name A.G. is a pseudonym, to keep this host's identity confidential, as she is a federal United States employee, and given the political nature of the podcast, it would be considered a breach of the Hatch Act were she to promote the show using her real name publicly.[2]

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