Muggs and Skeeter

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Muggs and Skeeter
The first two panels of the October 6, 1936, Muggs and Skeeter, by Wally Bishop. Muggs is on the left, Skeeter is in the middle, and their dog Hoiman is on the right.
Author(s)Wally Bishop
Current status/scheduleConcluded daily strip
Launch date1927
End dateFebruary 1974[1]
Alternate name(s)Muggs McGinnis (1927–1936)
Syndicate(s)Central Press Association (1927-1936)
King Features Syndicate (1936–1974)
Genre(s)Humor, Childhood

Muggs and Skeeter was an American gag-a-day daily comic strip by Wally Bishop which ran from 1927 to 1974. Originally titled Muggs McGinnis, it was syndicated by the Central Press Association and then King Features Syndicate.

Publication history[edit]

The strip started out titled Muggs McGinnis, and was a virtual clone of the popular Percy Crosby strip Skippy (syndicated by King Features).[2]

In April 1936,[3] the strip was taken over by King Features Syndicate (by that point the corporate parent of the Central Press Association) and re-titled Muggs and Skeeter.[4]

Comic strip historian Allan Holtz hypothesized that King Features bullpenner Bil Dwyer ghosted Muggs and Skeeter during World War II,[5] while Bishop was serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters.

Bishop continued to draw Muggs and Skeeter until 1974, when he retired.

Story and characters[edit]

The strip drew its material from everyday life, much of it from Bishop's own family.[6] At first stories centered around Muggs McGinnis, notable for his striped shirt and sweater vest printed with a large letter M. Gradually, the strip introduced Muggs' younger brother Skeeter, and the boys' enormous dog Hoiman[7] (e.g., "Herman" — Skeeter spoke with a Brooklyn accent). The children's primary caretakers were their grandparents.[6]

As the years went by, the two boys aged to reach their teen years.

Comic books[edit]

In the late 1940s/early 1950s, Muggs and Skeeter strips were reprinted in David McKay Publications' The Katzenjammer Kids comics and Atlas Comics' Super Thriller Comics.


A collection of 450 Muggs and Skeeter original art strips are housed at University of South Florida St. Petersburg in the Special Collections and University Archives of the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library.


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