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Moharam Fouad
Hassan wa Nayima.jpg
from film "Hassan and Naeima," a legendary Egyptian love story with Souad Hosni
Background information
Native name
محرم فؤاد
Birth nameMoharam Hussain Ahmed Ali
Born(1934-06-24)24 June 1934
Cairo, Egypt
Died27 June 2002(2002-06-27) (aged 68)
Cairo, Egypt
GenresArabic music, Egyptian music
Occupation(s)Actor & singer

Moharam Fouad also known as Muharram Fouad (24 June 1934 – 27 June 2002) "The Sound of The Nile" is a famous Egyptian singer and movie star from the Golden age, with one of the strongest and most expressive voices.

Moharam Fouad was born on the 24th of June 1934 in Cairo, Egypt.

Moharam's introduction to the screen came in 1959 with the film Hassan and Nayima, a legendary Egyptian love story with Soad Hosny, also known as the "Cinderella of the Screen" and who died in 2001.[1]

"Moharam had a unique character, a special flavor and fought his way in the singing career without copying other celebrities singers of his time," said Tarek Shinawy, a renowned movie critic

Moharam had four brothers and four sisters. He started singing since the age of 4 years when he was chosen from his school to sing solo in front of King Farouk.

Moharam had several marriages but had only one son "Tarek".

He sang a song, which was called Rimsh Enoh (His Eye Lashes) the song, got him many millions of fans from around the world.

He had some heart complications and he had to go to Europe to be treated, however complications with his kidneys caused continuous problems and he had to fight for life for many years. Moharam Fouad died on 27 June 2002 leaving the scene empty for the people who loved him.

Moharam Fouad Movies[edit]

  • Hassan wa Na"ima - Hassan and Naeima
  • Min Gheer Meaad - Without Arrangement
  • Hekayet Gharam - Love Story
  • Shabab Tayesh - A Reckless Youth
  • Ushaq al-Haya - Life Lovers
  • Salasel Min Harir - Chains of Silk
  • Wolidtou Min Gadid - Born Anew
  • Lahn al-Sada - Tune of Happiness
  • Al Siba wal Jamal – The Youth & Beauty
  • Nisf Azraa - Half Virgin
  • Ettab - Admonition
  • Wadaan Ya Hob - Farewell to Love
  • El Malika wa Ana - The Queen & I

Throughout his lifetime he sang well over 900 songs, 20 of which in praise of Palestine


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