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Geographical location of the Mukaya Payam within Pojulu Environment

Mukaya Payam is situated in Lainya County in central Equatoria State, South Sudan; It was a former local administrator head for current Yei river county. The name (Mukaya) originated from Hill located about in central of the Mukaya geographical land, which is around 9 to 12 miles north of Yei river County. The Mukaya differentiates into smaller clans of Dimo (1), Dimo (2), Dimo na Godo, Rume, Kendire, Goromba, Mingale, Jolobong, Pisak, Piyasuk, Bori, Yondoru, Sowaka, Ligi, Girim, Yensot, Migibura, Bono, Muresuku, Morsak, Gokoni, Malari, Worokusuk, Bujang, Mika, Warijang, Gori, Kobo, Nyori, Morsak, Bonga, Mikatom, Jubor, and a few other smaller ones. The population of the Mukaya Payam is estimated to be 15,000 persons.

Mukaya Payam road to the west (Mukaya)

Environment, economy and natural resources[edit]

The environment in Mukaya Payam is typically tropical but the weather regime is fast changing; becoming arid with less rain and long dry spells. Mukaya economy is predominantly agrarian. Locally Mukaya Payam contributes 10% of food to the Yei river economy. The majority of people are peasant practicing mixed farming; subsistence agriculture in which the main crops are cassava, sorghum, maize, simsim, groundnut etc. The people in Mukaya Payam keeps goats, sheep and few cattle but the prevalence of tsetse fly has rendered cattle herding difficult. There are thick local forests around the hill of Mukaya which is the reason for the tsetse fly's existence.

Mukaya Payam road to the east (Juba Rd)

Mythology and history[edit]

Mukaya is original known to current Pojulu of Mukaya Payam, the people and their relation to the Bari and other Bari-speaking ethnic communities in Central Equatoria State, South Sudan.


List of schools in Mukaya Payam

Names payam
Dimo (1) Primary Mukaya
Dimo II Primary Mukaya
Komoyi Primary Mukaya
Mambule Primary Mukaya
Roronyo Primary Mukaya
Yondoru Primary Mukaya
Soka primary Mukaya

Economic activities[edit]

Subsistence agriculture is the main economic activity in the Payam, as is the case with most South Sudan payams.

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