Mullah Attiya al-Jamri

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Mullah Attiya al-Jamri
Born c. 1899
Died 29 August 1981
Nationality Bahrain Bahraini
Occupation khatib and poet
Known for poems
Home town Bani Jamra, Bahrain Bahrain

Mullah Attiya al-Jamri (Arabic: الملا عطية الجمري‎, b. 1899 – 29 August 1981) was a famous Bahraini khatib and poet.

Researcher Clive Holes translated two of Al-Jamri's poems into books, one of which was distributed to 11,000 teachers from different schools in the UK which means that the short story was read by over 330,000 students.[1] Al-Jamri is well recognized in Bahrain, the Gulf and Iraq for his poems about Imam Hussain and for his unique methods of reading lamentation poems during the month of Muharram.


Further reading[edit]

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