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Mumbai Police
Mumbai Police (film).jpg
Directed by Rosshan Andrrews
Produced by Nisad Haneefa
Written by Bobby-Sanjay


Don John
Music by Gopi Sunder
Cinematography R. Diwakaran
Edited by Mahesh Narayanan
Nisad Haneefa Productions
Distributed by Central Pictures & Tricolor Entertainments
Release date
  • 3 May 2013 (2013-05-03)
Running time
145 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam
Budget 5.75 crore (US$900,000)[1]
Box office 18 crore

Mumbai Police is a 2013 Indian Malayalam psychological crime thriller film written by Bobby-Sanjay and directed by Rosshan Andrrews. It stars Prithviraj, Jayasurya, and Rahman in the lead roles along with Kunjan, Aparna Nair, Deepa Vijayan, and debutant Hima Davis in supporting roles. Shweta Menon and Riyaz Khan appear in guest roles. The film is produced by Nisad Haneefa and co-produced by Nivas Haneef and Niyas Haneefa. The background score was composed by Gopi Sunder and the cinematography was handled by G. Diwakaran. The film was edited by Mahesh Narayanan.

Mumbai Police completed filming in 56 days, when the original schedule was for 60 days. The expected budget was 6 crores but was completed with a production cost of 5.75 crores. The film recovered 4.30 crores through various rights before its release.[1] The Khaleej Times identified Mumbai Police as one of the "remarkable box-office success[es]" of 2013.[2]


The movie opens with ACP Antony Moses aka Rascal Moses (Prithviraj) involved in an accident which causes him, a partial memory loss. Before the accident, he was on a call with his brother-in-law Farhan Ashraf (Rahman),Commissioner of police. He informs Farhan that he has solved the murder case of his friend, Assistant Commissioner Aaryan John Jacob (Jayasurya), who was killed during a gallantry awards ceremony at police/parade grounds.But, before disclosing the name of the murderer, accident occurs. Farhan tells Antony, about his past and the tragedy occurred to their friend, Aaryan. He reassigns Antony Moses, back to the case even with the disability of memory loss. Antony Moses at first struggles with the day to day happenings of his increasingly confusing life he lived which he has no memory of and confronts many problems such as assaults by thugs at his residence, complaints of other residents of his flat and a history as an alcoholic and womaniser. He has no clue on how to lead his life and is irritated as he feels like a puppet. He slowly regains confidence and gets back on duty partly due to the encouragement given by Farhan. He understands Farhan,Aaryan and himself were called the "Mumbai Police" by the media because of their reckless attitude & ability to get into trouble often. Antony's investigation goes in a completely different way as compared to his investigation before the accident thereby irking & confusing his subordinates. As the murder weapon is suggested to be a most modern sniper rifle, he uses the assistance of a professional sharpshooter (Riyaz Khan) in identifying the modus operandi of the criminal, where the sharpshooter suggests the possibility of the rifle capable of being remote controlled and thereby an absence of a real shooter is suggested. Antony Moses meets with Aaryan's fiancee who informs him of a personal video of Aryan recorded by her and was shown to him before his accident but hesitates to show it to Antony again which contain the speech rehearsal of Aryan in which he rejects the gallantry award so as to gift it to his best friend Antony, who was the person who deserved it but gave the fame to Aryan. A still confused Antony is exclaimed when a man claiming to be his lover enters his apartment but is pushed out by Antony, then it is shown that Antony was in fact a gay man, whose homosexuality is discovered by Aryan and threatens to disclose it in public and Antony to defend himself from the humiliation had set up the sniper and triggered the gun using his cell phone thus killing Aryan. But before the accident after seeing the video of Aryan he out of grief had voice mailed Farhan that the real culprit is himself and Farhan who knew it all wanted Antony to find it out again. The film ends with Antony sitting in Farhan's office awaiting his fate.



The film was announced earlier in late 2010. The pooja of the film was held on December 18, 2010. There was a lot of hype for the movie after the unsuccessful film Casanovva starring Mohanlal it was announced to be a top notch "Who's done it" style suspense thriller. The production house 1000 AD Creations was announced to be producing the film. 1000 A.D.Creations Banner, Muhammed Sahir, Naushad, Shaji Narayanan jointly producing this movie's pooja ceremony held. Executive Producer of this movie is Nishanth Haneef, Shreeja Shivadas and Production Controller of this movie is Aroma Mohan. The film was announced to that shooting will start on June 2011. This had delayed as the director had to finish up the production work of the film Casanovva.[3] It was later announced that the shooting would commence in November 2011, this also didn't happen.[4] Prithviraj was cast to play the leading role as Antony Moses by Roshan himself. Arya was cast for the role of ACP Aaryan John initially.

Reception[edit] and called Mumbai Police one of the best recent Malayalam films. [5][6] Paresh of called the film a " good suspense thriller which will make history for its interesting story."[7] Aswin of The Times of India says that the film " arrests and engages the audience with bold portrayals from a well-chosen cast."[8]

Veeyen of praised the writing and said the " dark lined elegance that the movie sports, makes it a gritty, knotty thriller - a hardboiled treat."[9]

Shekhar of praised the narrative and said the story has unexpected surprises.[10]


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