Munkyung College

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Munkyung College
Hangul 문경대학
Hanja 聞慶大學
Revised Romanization Mungyeong Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Mun'gyŏng Taehak

Mungyeong College, also known as Mun Kyung College, is a private technical college in Mungyeong city, North Gyeongsang province, South Korea. It is located in Hogye-myeon, on the outskirts of Jeomchon. It was established as Mun Kyung Technical College (문경전문대학) in 1990, and took on its present name in 1995.

Mungyeong College currently employs about 34 instructors. Specializations include information technology, tourism, and early childhood education. Enrollment fluctuates around 1000 students.

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