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Mir Muhammad Murad Abro
Mir MURAD Abro.jpg
Mir Muhammad Murad Abro
Born 22 January 1966
Kot Mir Abdul Malik Abro Khattan Bolan
Died 6 October 2008
National highway Moro
Political party Jamote Qaumi Movement (JQM) Flag of jqm.png

Mir Murad Abro (Urdu: مير مراد ابڑو ‎) was a minister of the Balochistan Government. And a member of the Jamote Qaumi Movement. He was the son of Mir Abdul Malik Abro and brother of Mir Murtaza Abro.[1] He died in a road accident in October 2008.[2] He was a great politician of his time. He remained minister in the caretaker government of 2007-2008.

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