Murder of Marcy Renee Conrad

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Marcy Renee Conrad
Born February 5, 1967
Died November 3, 1981(1981-11-03) (aged 14)
Milpitas, California, United States
Occupation Student
Known for Murder victim

The murder of Marcy Renee Conrad (February 5, 1967 – November 3, 1981) was perpetrated by Anthony Jacques Broussard, a 16-year-old American high school student. Conrad's death gained national attention due to the age of her killer, forcing a re-evaluation of California statutes regarding juvenile sentencing for violent crimes.[1] The case triggered widespread media coverage, as a stark example of social disaffection among suburban youth.[2]

The murder of Marcy Renee Conrad, and subsequent events, were the inspiration for the screenplay of the Tim Hunter film, River's Edge.[3]


Marcy Renee Conrad, 14, was killed on November 3, 1981 in Milpitas, California, by 16-year-old Anthony Jacques Broussard. Her body was transported in Broussard's pickup truck into nearby hills and dumped in a ravine.[1] An autopsy confirmed that Conrad had been raped and then murdered by strangulation.

After the murder, Broussard invited friends from Milpitas High School to view Conrad's corpse.[1] Reports indicate that Broussard bragged about her death at school, and showed the body to at least 10 people.[1] After two days, two students finally broke ranks with the others and notified police. When the other Milpitas students were asked why they had not alerted police, they responded that they "did not want to get in trouble".[1]

Broussard pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years to life. He was denied a new trial in 1985,[4] and has repeatedly been denied parole.[5][6] As of April 2013 Broussard is still incarcerated at California's Folsom State Prison.[7]


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