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Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing Limited
Industry Aerospace manufacturing
Founded 1984
Founder Darryl Murphy
Headquarters 2-8155 Aitken Rd Chilliwack B.C. V2R4H5, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Key people
President and CEO: Darryl Murphy
Products Kit aircraft
Owner Darryl Murphy
Murphy Aircraft's first commercial product was the Renegade II biplane.

Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing Limited is a Canadian maker of civil general aviation kits for amateur construction. The company was founded in 1985 by Darryl Murphy and is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia.[1][2][3]


The company was started as the result of a hunting accident. Darryl Murphy was a mechanical engineering technologist who designed and built a rigid wing hang glider in 1978 as a school project at the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In 1984 Murphy was in a non-aviation accident that left him hospitalized for four months. During his recovery time he decided to design a biplane to fit into the then-new Canadian ultralight category. The aircraft was a single-seat model and was intended as a one-off aircraft for his own use, with no production intentions. Murphy named it the Renegade.[4][5]

After taking the Renegade to a number of fly-ins and other aviation events, Murphy was encouraged by the positive response it received and by the number of people who asked him to build one for them. In 1985 Murphy quit his job and started Murphy Aviation (later renamed Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing), with his brother Bryan and located the company in Chilliwack, British Columbia.[4][6]

The original Renegade design was turned into a two-seater by relocating the fuel tank from the centre fuselage to the upper wing, installing a second seat and designating it the Renegade II. Initial sales were disappointing as only one kit was sold in the first six months. Sales improved greatly once the aviation press began reviewing the aircraft. By 1986 the company had a backlog of orders, including many from outside North America. Murphy displayed the Renegade at the EAA Convention, Oshkosh and returned to Chilliwack with a substantial order book. During 1989 sales totalled 129 Renegade IIs.[4][6]

In May 1987 a new version of the basic Renegade design first flew. Named the Renegade Spirit it added a radial engine-style round cowling and a 64 hp (48 kW) Rotax 532 and later the Rotax 582 engine.[7][8][9][10]

In September 2008, as a result of restructuring due to the early 2000s recession, Murphy Aircraft split off their sales functions to a new company, Patterson AeroSales, headed by former Murphy sales representative Bob Patterson. Murphy Aircraft continues to concentrate on designing and manufacturing kit aircraft while Patterson handles "show appearances, advertising materials, promotions and general sales responsibilities". Murphy Aircraft President Darryl Murphy also explained that the company will only manufacture kits in batches once sufficient numbers of orders have been accumulated to justify a production run and that standard aircraft hardware parts, like rivets and bolts would be shipped directly from the suppliers to customers to save costs.[11]

On 9 January 2014 the company issued a press release indicating that Darryl Murphy was retiring and wished to sell the company, indicating he expected to receive in the "$2.5 to $4 million range, depending on how much of the manufacturing machinery the buyer wants".[12][13]

On 22 January 2016 Murphy Aircraft announced that it has begun the process to put the Murphy Rebel into the light-sport aircraft category.[14]

The company unveiled a new Darryl Murphy design at AirVenture in July 2016, the Murphy Radical Rebel, which incorporates bicycle carriers on the wings.[15][16]


Product list and details (date information from Murphy)
 Aircraft   Description   Seats   Launch date   1st flight   1st delivery   Number built 
Murphy Elite propeller aircraft/float plane 2
Murphy Maverick propeller aircraft/ultralight/LSA 2
Murphy Moose (SR3500) utility monoplane 2~6
Murphy Rebel propeller aircraft/float plane/LSA 2+1 May 1990 Feb 1991
Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel
Murphy Renegade biplane/LSA 2
Murphy Yukon propeller aircraft 4
Murphy JDM-8 propeller acrobatic/ultralight 1 prototype only


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