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Murtaza Birlas (Urdu: مرتضیٰ برلاس ‎) is one of the defining poets of modern Urdu Ghazal from Pakistan. His work has been published in respected journals and magazines of Urdu literature since the early 60s. He has published four compilations of Ghazal poetry. His style comprises strong expressions, with a whole hearted commitment to the technical accuracy that has always been required of Ghazal writers. His unique style of poetry has earned recognition from respected literary critics of Pakistan and India. His brother Mustafa Rahi was also a Ghazal pPoet. Murtaza Birlas published his late brother's works in 1993.

Murtaza Birlas is a retired civil servant. He resides in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi and is an active patron of literary activities.


His published works are:

  • Girah-e-Neem Baaz: Ghazal
  • Tesha-e-Kurb: Ghazal
  • Irtaash: Ghazal and Nazm
  • Izteraar: Ghazal
  • Chaudhveen Raat Mausam-e-Gul Kee: Ghazal and Nazm (romantic)

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