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Muse India is a literary e-journal based in Hyderabad, India. Since 2005, it has appeared bi-monthly only in a web edition; it has no print version.

Focus and scope[edit]

Muse India describes its focus and scope as follows: Started and run by a group of writers, Muse India is a literary e-journal with the primary objective of showcasing Indian writings in English and in English translation to a broad-based global readership. The journal publishes both creative and critical writing and offers a wide range of literary forms—poetry, short fiction, essays, conversations with writers, book reviews and the like. Bearing in mind the general readership on the internet, it will, however, avoid highly academic articles. Besides presenting the work of more established authors, Muse India will also promote talented new and young writers.[1]

The online magazine ( ISSN Number: 0975-1815 ) has an explicit open-access policy "to support greater global exchange of knowledge", meaning that content is publicly accessible without payment. Copyright of the works rests with the authors.


Muse India has included work by Dalit Panther activists such as Meena Kandasamy[2] and Gujarati Dalit poet Kisan Sosa,[3] as well as notable writers such as Babu Suthar,[4] Akhil Katyal and Bharat Gupt.[4]


  • Ambika Ananth, Editor - Poetry
  • GSP Rao, Managing Editor
  • Dr. Kumarendra Mallick, Editor - Your Space
  • T Vijay Kumar, Editor - Articles

Contributing editors[edit]

  • Dilip Jhaveri, Gujarati Literature
  • Ghulam Rasool Malik, Kashmiri Literature
  • Hemant Divate, Marathi Literature
  • Kala Ramesh, Haiku and short verse
  • Mamta G Sagar, Kannada Literature
  • Meena Kandasamy, Dalit Literature
  • Prasad G J V, Indian-English Writings
  • Rajaram Brammarajan, Tamil Literature
  • Rajeevan T P, Malayalam Literature
  • Rita Kothari, Sindhi Literature
  • Robin Ngangom, North East Literatures
  • Sachidananda Mohanty, Oriya Literature
  • Sanjukta Dasgupta, Bengali literature
  • Sukrita Paul Kumar, Hindi and Urdu Literatures
  • Tejwant Singh Gill, Punjabi literature
  • Udaya Narayana Singh, Maithili Literature
  • Uddipana Goswami, Assamese Literature
  • Usha Akella, Diasporan Writings


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