Mushegh II Mamikonian

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Mushegh II Mamikonian
Մուշեղ Բ Մամիկոնյան
Marzban of Persian Armenia
In office
Monarch Khosrau II
Preceded by Hrartin
Succeeded by Vindatakan
Personal details
Born Unknown
Died 593
Religion Christianity

Mushegh II Mamikonian (Armenian: Մուշեղ Բ Մամիկոնյան) was an Armenian nobleman from the Mamikonian family. During his later life he was nominated as Marzban of Persian Armenia, ruling briefly in 591.[1]


In 590, the Sasanian spahbed Bahram Chobin rebelled against the Sasanian king Hormizd IV. He was however, deposed and killed by the Sasanian nobles before Bahram could confront him. One of the leaders behind the plot against Hormizd was Vistahm and Vinduyih, who made the kings son, Khosrau II, the new king of the Sasanian Empire.

However, shortly after the coronation of the new king, Bahram Chobin marched to Ctesiphon and proclaimed himself king under the name of Bahram VI. Khosrau along with Vistahm, and Vinduyih fled to Byzantine territory, where promised emperor Maurice I to cede territory in exchange for military aid. One later year, Khosrau, along with Mushegh II and other nobles, marched towards Ctesiphon, and defeated Bahram, who then fled to Azerbaijan, and wrote a letter to Mushegh, urging him to betray Khosrau. Mushegh, however, rejected the offer.[2]

At the head of an army, Mushegh joined the Byzantine army and defeated the army of Bahram Chobin in Battle of Blarathon near Ganzak. Bahram then fled to Central Asia and was killed shortly after. Mushegh later resigned from the Marzban office, and retired, dying in 593.[3]


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Marzban of Persian Armenia
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