Mustafa Zihni Pasha

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Mustafa Zihni
Personal details
Born 1838
Died 1911
Nationality Kurdish
Political party Committee of Union and Progress
Religion Islam

Mustafa Zihni Pasha was a high Ottoman official who held a number of ministerial posts and a founding member of the nationalist Kürt Teali Cemiyeti society.

Early life[edit]

Mustafa Zihni Bey was born in 1838 in Sulaimaniyah, a town in the Mosul Province of the Ottoman Empire. He was a Kurdish Baban prince. He lived on his estate in Constantinople with his three sons, Ahmet Naim Bey, Ismail Hakki Bey and Huseyin Shukru Bey.


  • President of the Council of State
  • Minister of Commerce and Public Works[1]
  • Vali (governor) of the provinces of Hejaz, Ioannina,[2] Adana[2] and Aleppo[3]
  • Member of the Ottoman chamber of notables
  • Chief of naval operations
  • Head inspector of the army
  • Sultan's special representative to Crete
  • Chief secretary (Mektupcu) of the Baghdad Province
  • Sub-governor (Mutasarnf) of Burdur, a sanjak within the province of Konya
Mustafa Zihni Pasha's house in Constantinople


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