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Muu Blanco
Muu Blanco at Carmen Araujo Arte Gallery
OccupationVenezuelan artist

Muu Blanco (born 16 August 1966, Caracas), also known as DJ Muu or Dr. Muusica,[1] is a multidisciplinary Venezuelan artist. He works in the plastic arts, performance, drawing, photography, electronic music, conceptual video, and handbag design.[2][3] He has also appeared on Venezuelan radio and television.[4] His compositions have been presented locally as well as internationally, including in cities like: New York City, Berlin, Miami, Barcelona, Bogota, Buenos Aires, London, Vancouver and Milan.[5] His work has been regarded as a criticism to power, wealth and narcissism, as well as commentary on the urban landscape of modern Caracas.[6]


José Antonio "Muu" Blanco Angulo was born in 1966 in Caracas, Venezuela. Between 1989 and 1990, he studied painting and the history of art at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Federico Brandt Institute at Caracas.[7][5]

In 1994, he achieved a special mention in the V National Award of Guayana Art.[5]

In 1996, he took a course of project management of visual arts at the Fundación Polar. In 2002, he graduated from the Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón (IUESAPAR) with a Master's degree in Practice and Criticism of Contemporary Representation Systems.[7][5]


In 2007 he had an exhibition, Bello Horizonte, at the Cultural Center of Chacao that incorporated images, sound and video to show contemporaneous landscape as a multimedia object. This expo also included sculptures from his Modernismo Anacrónico (Anachronistic Modernism) (2002), made from remains of toys and recycled objects.[8]

In 2009, together with Robert Lippok, Blanco showcased Paisaje Sonoro Caracas-Berlín at Sala Mendoza, Caracas, composed mostly of abstract compositions made from sound recordings from the streets of Caracas and Berlin.[9][10]

Other collections of Blanco's work included:[2]

  • Caja Blanca Atrapa Moscas, Sicart Gallery (Barcelona, Spain, 2012)
  • Entorno, Cubo 7 Gallery (Caracas, 2012)
  • Inthahouse, Carmen Araujo Arte (Caracas, 2013).[11]

In 2014, he worked on Black Point at Mandragoras Art Space New York and Futebol o Jogo só acaba quando termina with the Goethe-Institut throughout Latin America. The first is a multimedia performance related to the 2014 Venezuelan protests.[6] Futebol is a display colorful and appealing pictures that were adapted from images of acts of violence, usually related to soccer games.[12]



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  • Hermanos Monteverde and DJ Muu, Pillo’s Caracas Boy, 2001, Imagines Recordings


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