My Hero (video game)

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My Hero/Seishun Scandal
MH Title Screen.PNG
My Hero title screen
Developer(s) Coreland (Arcade)
Sega (Sega Master System)
Publisher(s) Sega
Distributor(s) Sega
Designer(s) Coreland
Platform(s) Arcade
Sega Master System
Release 1985 (Arcade)
1986 (Sega Master System)
Genre(s) beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single player
Two player alternating
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system Sega System 1
CPU Z80 @ 4 MHz
Sound Z80 @ 4 MHz
SN76496 @ 4 MHz
SN76496 @ 2 MHz
Display Standard resolution
256 x 224 @ 60 Hz
1536 palette colors

My Hero (Seishun Scandal in Japan) is a Sega video game released via arcade in 1985 and was later ported to the Sega Master System in 1986. The gameplay takes the form of a simple side-scrolling beat 'em up fighting game.


The Arcade version consists of three different levels, each continuing in an endless loop until the player runs out of lives. It starts out with your character (named Steven according to the arcade flyer, Takeshi in Japan) on a city street watching as a street thug runs off with your girlfriend (named Remy, also according to the arcade flyer, Mari in Japan). As you pursue him you must fight off gangs of other various street thugs. Halfway through the level, you have an opportunity to save a captive bystander who (if rescued) will help you fight until he is killed. Soon (after jumping across platforms and dodging fireballs) you will arrive on a beach and fight the thug that has captured your girlfriend (Remy). After you defeat the level boss (the thug) by landing the allotted amount of hits (10), you have completed the level. This same process repeats for the remainder of the game, only with two other bosses and stage designs. The second stage design resembles an Edo Japanese ninja epic, with ninja themed enemies and boss, followed by a sci-fi theme loosely based upon Planet of the Apes, including ape/human enemies and a boss.

Due to space limitations on the Sega Card, the Sega Master System port only features the street gang in 3 stages that go in a continuous loop until the player loses all lives and gets a game over. The ninjas and the ape/human enemies from the arcade version are omitted.

The main character (Steven) knocking a bottle into enemies on stage 1


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