My Secret Life (Sonia Dada album)

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My Secret Life
My secret life.jpg
Studio album by Sonia Dada
Released June 9, 1998
Genre Rock music
Label Calliope Records
Sonia Dada chronology
A Day at the Beach
My Secret Life
Lay Down and Love It Live

My Secret Life is the third full-length album released by Sonia Dada, in 1998 on Calliope Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Zachary
  2. Things Change
  3. Ain't Life For The Living
  4. Don't Go (Giving Your Love Away)
  5. Phases Of The Moon
  6. Green Eyed Esther
  7. Get To You
  8. Las Vegas Virgin
  9. I'm Gone
  10. Cold
  11. So Sad
  12. You Don't Love Me Anymore
  13. Morning Comes
  14. Would I Lie To You
  15. Paradise