My Trip to the Dark Side (film)

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My Trip to the Dark Side
Official Movie poster for our film, My Trip to the Dark Side.jpg
Directed by Shane Stanley
Produced by Shane Stanley Jim Regan, Eric Binns, Val Barri
Written by Shane Stanley
Starring Jason Pace, Ryan Judd, Brienne De Beau, Sean Kanan, Courtney Gains, Alisa Reyes, Kathy Christopherson, Ron Masak
Music by Jeremy Rubolino, Bret Michaels
Cinematography Pat R. Notaro III
Running time
60 minutes
Country United States
Language English

My Trip to the Dark Side is a 2011 dramatic film directed by Shane Stanley and starring Jason Pace, Sean Kanan, Courtney Gains, Alisa Reyes and Ron Masak.

Plot summary[edit]

The story of a man who's had a successful film career but since falling on hard times can only find employment working in the adult entertainment industry as a means to provide for his family. Based on a true story, My Trip to the Dark Side is one man’s journey traveling from the pinnacle of a Hollywood career, which takes an unexpected turn into the dark and deceptive world of the adult entertainment industry. It has since made a sequel, My Trip Back to the Dark Side.


  • Jason Pace - Shawn Stone
  • Ryan Judd - Jacob Stevens
  • Brienne De Beau - Emily Stone
  • Sean Kanan - David Prince
  • Alisa Reyes - Misty Rae
  • Courtney Gains - Bobby G.
  • Krizia Bajos - Lisa DeAngelo
  • Kathy Christopherson - Kelly Thompson
  • Ron Masak - James Griffin

Awards and Honors[edit]

Worldfest Houston International Film Festival - Winner: Gold.

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