Myke Hurley

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Myke Hurley
Born1988 (age 34–35)
Years active2009–present
Known forCo-founder of Relay FM
SpouseAdina Hurley

Myke Hurley (born 1988[1]) is a British professional podcaster residing in London. He is the co-founder of the podcast network Relay FM.


In 2011 Hurley formed the podcasting network 70Decibels, which was purchased by the 5by5 network in March 2013.[2]

In 2014 he founded the podcast network Relay FM with Stephen M. Hackett.[3] Within one year the network featured 16 different shows and delivered 1.5 million downloads per month.[4]

In 2016, Apple featured Hurley in its podcast series Events at the Apple Store,[5] and Business Insider listed him in the UK Tech 100.[6][7]

In September 2016, Hurley started a vlogging channel on YouTube.[8]



Some podcasts currently hosted by Hurley are listed below.[9][10]

  • Analog(ue), with co-host Casey Liss
  • BONANZA!, with co-host Matt Alexander
  • Connected, with co-hosts Stephen M. Hackett and Federico Viticci
  • Cortex, with co-host CGP Grey
  • Myke at the Movies, with co-hosts Casey Liss and Jason Snell. Hosted on The Incomparable.
  • Remaster, with co-hosts Shahid Kamal and Federico Viticci
  • The Backmarkers, with co-host Austin Evans
  • The Pen Addict, with co-host Brad Dowdy
  • Thoroughly Considered, with co-hosts Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost
  • Ungeniused, with co-host Stephen M. Hackett
  • Upgrade, with co-host Jason Snell


Some podcasts formerly hosted by Hurley are listed below.[9]

  • Bionic, with co-host Matt Alexander
  • CMD+Space
  • Inquisitive
  • Playing for Fun, with co-host Tiffany Arment
  • The Prompt, with co-hosts Stephen M. Hackett and Federico Viticci
  • The Ring Post, with co-hosts Dave Tach and Henry T. Casey. Hosted on The Incomparable.
  • The Test Drivers, with co-host Austin Evans
  • Virtual, with co-host Federico Viticci


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