Myklebust Ship

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Myklebustskipet is the remains of a burned Viking ship that was found in a burial mound in the farm Myklebust in Nordfjordeid, Norway. Only the nails are intact, but from the number of the nails the ship may have been at least 25 metres (82 ft) long, perhaps the largest Viking ship that has been found in Norway so far. There were found sound stitches, mastering and a lot of shields in the burial mound, which was excavated in 1874 by the archaeologist Anders Lorange.


The Viking museum Sagastad in Nordfjordeid, houses a full-scale replica of the Myklebust ship as its main attraction. The ship was christened by the Norwegian Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande on the 10 May 2019.[1]


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