Myles Fukunaga

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Myles Fukunaga
Born(1909-02-04)February 4, 1909
DiedNovember 19, 1929(1929-11-19) (aged 20)
OccupationHotel worker
Criminal statusExecuted
Conviction(s)Murder (September 18, 1928)
Criminal penaltyDeath by hanging

Myles Yukata Fukunaga was a Japanese-American from Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1928, he kidnapped and murdered George Gill Jamieson, the 10-year-old son of a local banker.

Subsequent to the murder, he demanded a $10,000 ransom. Before the body of the victim was found, the Hawaiian Trust Company offered a reward of $5,000 with no questions asked.[1] Fukunaga eventually received $4,000 in $5 bills from the victim's father before he was arrested.[2]


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