Mystery Quest (video game)

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Mystery Quest
North American version cover art
Developer(s)Carry Lab
Composer(s)Nobuo Uematsu
Genre(s)Platform game

Mystery Quest, known in Japanese as Hao-kun no Fushigi na Tabi (ハオ君の不思議な旅, literally "Hao's Mysterious Journey"), is a platform game developed by Carry Lab and published in Japan by Square's Disk Original Group on May 1, 1987 and in North America by Taxan in April 1989. The game follows the journey of "Hao" on his quest to become a wizard. As you progress through the game you gain various power ups that grant you different abilities. Your first power consists of firing a little magic ball at enemies, which can then be upgraded. As you proceed through the game you gain more life(vitality) and power ups. Bosses are encountered in dungeons or castles. Power ups are also encountered in dungeons or castles.


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(also applies to Hao-ku no Fushigi na Tabi)

Japanese box cover of Mystery Quest