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TAXAN is a subsidiary of Kaga Electronics, a Japanese electronics company. It was founded in July 1981, and in the late-1980s and early-1990s, the US division published several video games on the NES and Game Boy.

The company used to operate in Bracknell in the UK under the leadership of Hugh Chappell. It was one of the largest companies in display monitors and competed heavily with CTX, Sony, and Mitsubishi.

The company now works in the import / export category of electronics and the production and sale of power supplies and computer peripherals. As of 2003, Taxan USA has 9 employees.

List of hardware[edit]

List of games[edit]

Title Date Platform
Star Soldier January 1989 NES
Fist of the North Star April 1989 NES
Mappy-Land April 1989 NES
Mystery Quest April 1989 NES
8 Eyes January 1990 NES
Burai Fighter March 1990 NES
Low G Man September 1990 NES
Serpent November 1990 Game Boy
Burai Fighter Deluxe January 1991 Game Boy
G.I. Joe January 1991 NES
Magician February 1991 NES
Putt Master NR NES

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