Myszków mine

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Myszków mine
Location Myszków
town Myszków County
Country Poland
Products Copper, Molybdenum, Tungsten
Opened 2009
Company Strzelecki Metals

The Myszków mine is a large mine in the centre of Poland in Myszków, Myszków County, 258 km south-west of the capital, Warsaw. Myszków represents one of the largest copper and silver reserve in Poland having estimated reserves of 1,334 million tonnes of ore grading 0.15% copper and 2.37 g/tonnes silver.[1] The 1.334 billion tonnes of ore contains 2 million tonnes of copper metal and around 3,200 tonnes of silver but the deposit also grades 0.07% molybdenum that contains 934,000 tonnes of molybdenum metal and 0.05% tungsten that contains 667,000 tonnes of tungsten metal.[1]


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