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Mzilikazi High School also known locally, in Ndebele as eMgandane, is a Government-maintained F1 (i.e. academic) Secondary School named in recognition of the founding Ndebele King Mzilikazi [1] the founder of the Ndebele Nation. The School is in the City of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, located along the Old Falls Road (i.e. road that used to link the city of Bulawayo with the Victoria Falls. It is only a stone's throw away from the famous Mpilo Hospital of Bulawayo. Mzilikazi High School is physically located between Greenspan Surbub (and Cemetery) and Mzilikazi Township. In the history of the Ndebele Kingdom, it is fitting that Mzilikazi High School draws most of its students from local feeder primary schools named after other Ndebele Royal Luminaries, such as Mzilikazi himself; his son, Lobhengula; Lobhengula's Queen, Lozikeyi and other leaders such as Lotshe. Thus, notable primary schools whose ex-pupils proceed onto Mzilikazi High School for secondary school education include, Mzilikazi Primary School, Lobhengula Primary School, Lotshe Primary School, Lozikeyi Primary School. Others include St. Patrick's Primary School and St. Columbus Primary School. Mzilikazi Secondary School is well known for its excellent academic achievements and sporting excellence.

Notable alumni[edit]

Some of Zimbabwe's top footballers were groomed here like Peter Ndlovu (who has played for Coventry City FC, Birmingham City FC, Huddersfield FC and currently plying his trade in [South Africa], the late Benjamin Konjera and the late Adam Ndlovu.

Yvonne Vera the late internationally recognised novelist and Prof Welshman Ncube Law professor and prominent opposition politician are also alumni. NoViolet Bulawayo, the famous novelist, also attended. There are many students who were groomed from Mgandane that are not mentioned that are well established.

Coordinates: 20°07′50″S 28°34′34″E / 20.1305°S 28.5762°E / -20.1305; 28.5762