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N.E. Thing Co. was a Canadian art collective producing work from 1967 to 1978. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, N.E. Thing Co. was run by co-presidents Iain and Ingrid Baxter.[1]

Seminal figures in the emergence of conceptual art movement in Canada during the late sixties, N.E. Thing Co. used corporate strategies to generate and frame its artistic practice.[1]


Founded in 1966 by Iain and Ingrid Baxter, N.E. Thing Co. was established as a conceptual vehicle that viewed the art world as "parallel [to] consumer culture."[1] N.E. Thing Co. was incorporated under the Companies Act in 1969.[1] Focusing on an interdisciplinary practice and using photography, site-specific performances and installation, N.E. Thing Co. is seen as a "key catalyst and influence for Vancouver photoconceptualism"[1] and is considered a precursor to the Vancouver School.[2] N.E. Thing Co. created some of the earliest photoconceptual works to display a tendency to use photography to document "idea-works and their sites, as language games and thematic inventories and as reflective investigations of the social and architectural landscape."[2] N.E. Thing Co. disbanded in 1978 when Iain and Ingrid ended their relationship.[1]


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