NCC Class V

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NCC Class V
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder LMS Derby Works
Build date 1923
Total produced 3
Configuration 0-6-0
UIC class C
Gauge 5 ft 3 in (1,600 mm)
Driver dia. 62 14 in (1,581 mm)
Fuel type Coal
Cylinders Two, inside
Cylinder size 18 in × 24 in (457 mm × 610 mm)
Operators NCCUTA
Numbers 71–73 → X, Y, Z → 13–15
Withdrawn 1961–64
Disposition All scrapped

The NCC Class V was a 0-6-0 steam locomotive design used by the Northern Counties Committee (NCC) for goods train service.

Three were built at the NCC's parent company's Derby Works, and numbered 71–73. They were soon after "renumbered" X, Y and Z, to allow the class U locomotives to be renumbered into the 70–73 number block. The V class was then renumbered 13–15.

All passed to the Ulster Transport Authority (UTA) in 1949. Between 1951 and 1953, the UTA rebuilt them with Belpaire boilers and reclassified them as Class V1. They were withdrawn from service in 1961 (14 and 15) and 1964 (13). All were scrapped.


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