National Committee for the Liberation of Yugoslavia

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The National Committee for the Liberation of Yugoslavia or NKOJ (Serbo-Croatian: Nacionalni komitet oslobođenja Jugoslavije, Slovene: Nacionalni komite osvoboditve Jugoslavije, NKOJ), was the World War II provisional executive body of the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia. The NKOJ was elected by the AVNOJ during its Second Session in Jajce in late November 1943. During the Session, the AVNOJ also appointed Josip Broz Tito the Prime Minister in the NKOJ.

Established by the decision AVNOJ based on the Declaration of the Second Session. National Committee consisting of the President, three Vice-Presidents and the required number of Trustees, and for his work fit the AVNOJ and the Presidency AVNOJ, which is appointed by its members.

At the first session of the Presidency of AVNOJ (30 November 1943). Appointed National Committee - the first revolutionary government of the Marshal of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito at the helm. National Committee seat was in Drvar (until May 1944), Vis (from May to October 1944) and then in Belgrade until 7 March 1945, when on the basis of the Tito-Subasic agreement, lifted and formed a provisional government of the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia, with Tito as Prime Minister.

Active NKOJ held in difficult conditions Liberation as the different sectors of the inner life (supplying the armies on battlefields and population renewal destroyed the economy in the liberated areas, traffic, etc.) And the broad foreign policy activities related to international recognition new Yugoslavia.


Name Image Portfolio Party Dates
Josip Broz Tito Josip Broz Tito Bihać 1942.jpg Prime Minister
Commissioner for Defence
Communist Party 29 November 1943 – 7 March 1945
Edvard Kardelj Edvard Kardelj (2).jpg Deputy Prime Minister Communist Party 29 November 1943 – 7 March 1945
Vladislav S. Ribnikar Deputy Prime Minister
Commissioner for Information
Communist Party 29 November 1943 – 7 March 1945
Božidar Magovac Deputy Prime Minister Croatian Peasant Party 29 November 1943 – 30 August 1944
Franjo Gaži Deputy Prime Minister Croatian Peasant Party 30 August 1944 – 7 March 1945

As the war situation all members NKOJ were not in session, the Presidency AVNOJ appointed:

  • Ivana Milutinovic Deputy Commissioner for Finance
  • Sretena Žujovića deputy commissioner of buildings
  • Todor Vujasinović deputy commissioner for food
  • Edward Kocbek Deputy Commissioner for Social Affairs