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The NXL (National Xball League) is the United State's Professional Paintball Circuit. The league consists of a Professional Division, consisting of the best players the sport has to offer that extends down to the beginner ranks of "Division 5" for those newer to the tournament atmosphere. The league's largest event each year is the season finale known as the World Cup. The 2016 World Cup hosted 3,554 players from 35 different countries. The original xball competition was held in conjunction with PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions) events circa 2009. At the start of the 2009 season the PSP decided to no longer use the NXL as their official professional bracket. After the PSP ceased to exist after the completion of their 2014 season, the NXL returned in early 2015 under new owners, with the vision of excelling and taking tournament paintball to the next level. The league hosts 5 national events across the country in places such as Las Vegas, Dallas, Nashville, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlantic City and Orlando throughout the year, starting in March and ending their season in early November. As of 2017, the NXL is the premier paintball league in the United States hosting hundreds of teams of all skill levels, from every corner of the United States and dozens of countries abroad alike.

Official Website: http://nxlpaintball.com/

Current Pro Teams[edit]

Historical Teams[edit]