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Naive or naïve indicates having or showing a lack of experience, understanding or sophistication.

Naive or naïve may also refer to:


See also[edit]

  • Naïve art, art created by untrained artists, or artists aspiring to naïve realisations
  • Naïve realism, a theory of perception thought to be representative of most people's understanding and method of interpretation of their perceptions
  • Naïve algorithm, a very simple solution to a problem that has a very high time- or memory- complexity
  • Naive Bayes classifier, a simple probabilistic classifier
  • Naive T cell, a type of T cell
  • Naive set theory, a non-axiomatic approach to set theory, in mathematics
  • Drug-naïve, a patient who has not previously used a particular drug or someone who has not been exposed previously to an antigen
  • Naïve. Super, a 1996 novel by the Norwegian Erlend Loe
  • Ecological naïvete, the habit of inexperienced animals not fearing predators
  • Naive John (born 1962), British artist and figurative painter
  • Naïve empiricism, a term used in several ways in different fields