Nakhimov Naval Academy (Sevastopol)

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Nakhimov Naval Academy
Former names
Sevastopol Higher Naval Institute of Nakhimov
TypeMilitary Academy

The Admiral Nakhimov Naval Academy was a higher naval education institution of Ukraine which prepared future officers for the Ukrainian Navy.

The institute was created on August 19, 1992 on the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine as the Sevastopol Naval Institute of Nakhimov. It was created in the basis of both the Black Sea Red Banner Higher Naval Institute "Admiral Pavel Nakhimov" and the Higher Naval Engineer Institute of Sevastopol. In 2009 the naval institute was renamed to the Nakhimov Naval Academy. Since 2014, due to the Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, some institute's faculty and student were transferred to Odessa continuing their education at the Naval Faculty of the Odessa National Maritime Academy (Maritime College of Technical Fleet).

At the same time in Sevastopol was reconstituted the Black Sea Red Banner Higher Naval Institute "Admiral Pavel Nakhimov", this time as a Russian Navy educational institution.


Black Sea Higher Naval Institute[edit]

The Black Sea Higher Naval Institute of Nakhimov was created in 1937 as the 2nd Naval Institute. The institute was built on an open lot that since the start of the World War I was used for coastal artillery training. The first enrolled students was conducted at the end of summer of 1937. Classed were held outdoor and in unfinished buildings. At first the cadets lived in tents that were established on a sea coast and later the "Ochakiv" steamship. During their free time, cadets continued construction of its institute.

During the World War II, 13 officers of the institute received the Soviet Union's highest recognition: the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Higher Naval Engineer Institute[edit]

The Higher Naval Engineer Institute in Sevastopol was established in 1951 on the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union. The institute was established in place of the former Marine Cadet School that was established on July 23, 1915.

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