Namas (rishi)

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Namas was an ancient sage (rishi), who was a descendant of the Kashyapa lineage (Sanskrit कश्यप kaśyapa).Some people say Namas is actually son of Mahakashyap, a Nirvan Rishi and son of Marichi

The founder clan of Bengali-speaking community Namasudra(Namassej) are originated from this mythological sage,Herbert Risley, wrote in 1891,[1] 'Namasa/Lomasha' Muni or Rishi 'whom the Namsudras regard as their mythical ancestor'. Though later they were made out of castes, since their origin is Namas Rishi they were accepted as Namasudra meaning Namasya(ben=respectable) sudra or as they preached, Namas Sreej(> ssej) { ben= (from)Namas originated } > Namassej OR Namshya Sreejan >Namasya Sreej>Namassej.They believe in a clan relation like Marichi >Kashyap > Namas > Kirtiban& Uruban or Ariban.


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