Nami Matsuda

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Nami Matsuda
Born 1904
Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Died 1995
Nationality Japan
Occupation Physician specialing in leprosy
Known for Chief doctor at Okinawa Airakuen Sanatorium who survived air raids

Nami Matsuda (松田 ナミ, Matsuda Nami, 1904 – November 14, 1995) was a Christian Japanese female physician who worked at Kikuchi Keifuen Sanatorium, Okinawa Airakuen Sanatorium and Hoshizuka Keiaien Sanatorium. In 1945, she was the head doctor under the director and survived extremely dreadful battles with 7 nurses which included chief nurse Chiyo Mikami at Okinawa Airakuen Sanatorium.


In 1904, she was born in Yatsushiro city, Kumamoto Prefecture and entered Tokyo Women's Medical University in 1923. In 1926, she was baptized. She entered the Bible class with Fumiko Ohnishi and Chika Nawa who later became female physicians at Hansen's disease sanatoriums. In 1935, she worked at Kikuchi Keifuen Sanatorium under Matsuki Miyazaki and in 1938 she went to Okinawa Airakuen Sanatorium without the permission of Matsuki Miyazaki.


In 1945, the war conditions worsened day by day. They dug air-raid shelters into the hard rocks and disabled patients had to live in the underground air-raid shelters. She was ordered to discard personal things and discarded her precious albums and waited for the last day. Three male workers of the Medical Section were drafted, never to return. There were 7 angels in white clothes, like 7 samurais in the battlefield, pursued their duties to the last. Between air-attacks, they went from one air-raid shelter to another. The sound of bombing made them crouch over patients, or rush to another shelter. The blackness of no-warning periods embraced the angels. She wrote the placing themselves in the extreme situations when they might be killed in another day, they felt the joy of surviving, a fact of unexplanable contradiction. "[1]

Later life[edit]

In 1969, she worked at Hoshizuka Keiaien Sanatorium and died on November 14, 1995. She died in 1995.


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  • At Okinawa Prefectural Archive, there were some photographs taken by the American troops.


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