Namida (Kokoro Abaite)

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"Namida (Kokoro Abaite)"
NAMIDA ~Kokoro Abaite~.jpg
Single by Zebra Queen
A-side "Namida (Kokoro Abaite)"
B-side "Zebra Queen no Thema"
Released April 21, 2010 (2010-04-21)
Format Maxi single, digital download
Recorded 2010
Genre J-Pop
Length 14:31
Label Sony Music Records
Songwriter(s) Hidenori Tanaka, Emmy

"Namida (Kokoro Abaite)" (NAMIDA~ココロアバイテ~, translated as "Tears (Through His Heart)") is the theme song for the film Zebraman: Vengeful Zebra City, released as a CD single on April 21, 2010. The song is performed by actress Riisa Naka under the name Zebra Queen (ゼブラクイーン, Zebura Kuīn), the character she portrays in the film.[1] In the fiction of the film where the song also exists, the single has been the #1 song for 40 weeks straight during the year 2025.[2] In real life, the single peaked at #22 on the Oricon Weekly Charts in 2010, remaining on the charts for 6 weeks.[3][4] Naka states that she gave Zebra Queen a persona akin to Lady Gaga for the musical performances.[5] In addition to a standard CD single release, a CD+DVD combo pack was released featuring music videos for both tracks with her back up dancers known as the Zebras (ゼブラーズ, Zeburāzu).[6] In addition to these two music videos, an alternate music video for the B-Side was filmed featuring comedian Naomi Watanabe in place of Riisa Naka as Zebra Queen.[7]

Track list[edit]

  1. "Namida (Kokoro Abaite)" (NAMIDA~ココロアバイテ~) - 3:21
  2. "Zebra Queen no Thema" (ゼブラクイーンのテーマ, Zebura Kuīn no Tēma, "Theme of Zebra Queen") - 3:56
  3. "Namida (Kokoro Abaite) <Inst.>" - 3:21
  4. "Zebra Queen no Thema <Inst.>" - 3:54


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