Nana Barya River

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Nana Barya River
Countries Chad, Central African Republic
 - location Ouham River on the Chad border
 - elevation 387 m (1,270 ft)
 - coordinates 7°58′43″N 17°43′35″E / 7.97861°N 17.72639°E / 7.97861; 17.72639Coordinates: 7°58′43″N 17°43′35″E / 7.97861°N 17.72639°E / 7.97861; 17.72639
Map showing the Chari with the Nana Barya (center left)

The Nana Barya River is a river in Central Africa. It arises in the west of the Central African Republic in the prefecture Ouham-Pendé and flows northeast, forming part of the international boundary between the Central African Republic and Chad. In Chad it flows into the Ouham River. The Nana Barya Faunal Reserve is named after this River.