Sangha River

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The Sangha River in the Central African Republic in 2010

The Sangha River, a tributary of the Congo River, is located in Central Africa.


The Sangha River is formed at the confluence of the Mambéré River and the Kadéï River at Nola in the western Central African Republic. (3°30′55″N 16°2′50″E / 3.51528°N 16.04722°E / 3.51528; 16.04722 (Sangha River head)) The Sangha flows along the border of Cameroon, with the Central African Republic, and then the Republic of Congo. It joins the Congo River at 1°12′45″S 16°49′40″E / 1.21250°S 16.82778°E / -1.21250; 16.82778 (Sagha River mouth)Coordinates: 1°12′45″S 16°49′40″E / 1.21250°S 16.82778°E / -1.21250; 16.82778 (Sagha River mouth)

The tributaries of the Sangha River include the Ngoko River (Dja river). Its river mouth and confluence with the Sangha is at Ouésso, in the Republic of the Congo. (1°39′5″N 16°3′25″E / 1.65139°N 16.05694°E / 1.65139; 16.05694 (Ngoko River mouth)).


The Sangha River is a Freshwater ecoregion of Africa. Its wetlands in Cameroon are a protected Ramsar site.

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