Nancy Bélanger

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Nancy Bélanger
Born (1978-09-02) September 2, 1978 (age 39)
Sainte-Foy, Quebec
Hearts appearances 4 (2001, 2004, 2008, 2009)

Nancy Bélanger (born September 2, 1978) is a Canadian curler from Charny, Quebec.

Born in Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Bélanger plays third for Marie-France Larouche. As a member of Larouche's team, Bélanger won five straight junior provincial championships. In her last year of juniors in 1999, the team won the 1999 Canadian Junior Curling Championships followed by a bronze medal at the World Junior Curling Championships. In 2001, Bélanger won her first provincial women's championship with Larouche. She then left the team, only to come back for 2005-06 season. She left the team again in 2006-07 to play second for Brenda Nicholls. She came back for the 2007-08 season and won her second women's provincial championship in 2008.

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